Monday, March 6, 2017

You Not Die Mommy?

Those words from my little three-year-old blonde bundle pierced my heart this morning, “You not die Mommy?”

I carried him into preschool as those very words came from his lips. I stopped in my tracks.

I’ve had some very difficult drop-offs with Austyn lately at school. He loves going there, and this didn’t happen until after Joel went to Heaven. I’ve left that place many a time with tears streaming down my face, begging God to let me just take him back home. But, God hasn’t revealed a way for that to happen yet. In the meantime, we trudged through the difficult drop off mornings.

This morning…those words illuminated my little man’s fear and pain. He might only be three-years-old, but he gets it. Loss, that is. He may not remember his birth parents, since we’ve been part of his life since he was six months old, but he remembers his adoptive daddy…the one who sang him to sleep most nights, who changed his diapers, who taught him to build things with Play-Doh, and who wrestled with him on the floor most evenings. He also remembers Daddy went to Heaven to live with Jesus 22 days ago.

And now…he wants to know if Mommy is leaving him too. It took everything in me to hold my composure when he asked me that question this morning. But, the tears are pouring now as I type these words.

The truth…I didn’t know how to answer him. If I told him the truth in that moment, would I increase his fear of losing his mommy? If I lied to him, will he one day not trust the promises I make him?

Holy Spirit…please give me the words to speak in this situation…now!

Austyn…mommy plans to be here to pick you up this afternoon. Mommy will not die until God says it’s time for me to go to Heaven, but I believe He wants me to be your Mommy for quite awhile. So, put a smile on that face, have a great day, and look forward to mommy coming to get you this afternoon!

That’s it friends…I had nothing else to offer in that moment. But, he seemed content with that response, and it was the best drop off we’ve had in the last 22 days.

Abba – please let my children know you intimately as Daddy right now, as I am simply not enough.

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  1. Rose Talaldira says:

    Leah, I was up very early today (5 am) and the Lord brought you to mind. I was praying for you and your children, to be comforted in your loss and for Him to meet your needs. You are ENOUGH and have given this precious child the assurance he needed at the moment he needed it. Know the Lord is faithful to place you on the hearts of others to intercede on your behalf and loves you greatly. Keep trusting Him to carry your through dear one. Proverbs 3:5-7

    • Leah Stirewalt says:

      Rose – Thank you for being obedient to pray for us as the Lord prompted. We lean close to Him right now, as these days are so dark and painful, but we know the prayers of the faithful are carrying us through. Thank you!

  2. Jacquelyn says:

    Continuing to pray for you and your precious little ones at this time…

  3. Oh friend. You are in my prayers daily. I just can’t imagine how hard each of these moments are. Praying strength and wisdom for you. Also praying that god showers you with joy unspeakable.

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