Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gonna Finish What I Started

About four months before Joel suddenly went Home to Heaven, we had embarked upon a health journey together. While our journeys were a bit different in the specifics, the end result intention was to be the same…we longed to get to get to the healthiest adult versions of ourselves we’ve ever seen (or at least get as close as we safely could).

Austyn’s adoption party! Just so happens to also be the day I was at my very largest…ever. 🙁

My biggest cheerleader in this fight for good health was my precious man! During the time we were were married, I had been up and down on the scale repeatedly (which, in and of itself, is not healthy). He never doubted me. Never doubted my ability to get to a healthy weight and stay there. Never doubted my goal of running my first 5K someday. (I was scheduled to participate in one several years ago, which sadly ended up being the day of my previous husband’s funeral.) He never doubted anything I set my mind to do. However, I was my own worst critic. I guess I’ve tried and failed at so many different things in the past that I began to believe that was my “lot in life”. Attempting, yet never reaching the prize.

Upon Joel’s death, I promised him I wouldn’t stop. I would hold up my end of the deal, no matter how the large the challenges I encountered (and boy…have there been challenges!). I so long to please him, to please God, and to please myself. And…ultimately, our children need their mama to be around for a long time, God willing.

So, I’m excited to announce that since October, I’ve lost 70 pounds! Aside from the trauma I’ve also experienced over the last several months, I really do feel great! Now…Joel had promised me little rewards with each measurable goal that I reach along the journey. While I don’t have him to do that for me anymore, I’m asking God to step in as the husband He’s promised to be and provide little pick-me-ups as He sees fit. He, of all people knows the incentives that will keep me motivated.

I’m getting there…little by little. Considering all I’ve endured since my health journey began, I think I’ve held out okay.

As for you…if you are a praying friend, will you fervently join me in asking God to help me reach me the Goals He has for me please?! I so want to continue to please Joel, and I trust God will give him (Joel) a little glimpse when this is all said and done. Thank you friends!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Bucket List

BucketNow that the month is close to being over, I guess it’s about time to take a look at my goals for this year.

Who am I kidding?

I’ve been thinking & praying about these goals since before 2014 began, but I’m trying really hard to find that place. You know the one. The place where I can look back at the end of the year and see all goals met with absolutely no failures. In all honesty, I don’t think that place exists, but a girl can dream can’t she?

In my last post, I took a moment to reflect back on 2013. I created a one-year “bucket list”, so to speak. I was a bit ambitious…perhaps too ambitious. I struggled with creating a realistic list while challenging myself at the same time. I didn’t want it to be so realistic that little effort was involved, and I also didn’t want it to be so ridiculously full of idealism that I set myself up to fail from the very beginning.

And so…

In looking at 2014, I’ve decided to group my goals into categories. In some areas, I may only have one goal listed, and that is intentional…I want nothing to get in my way of achieving that goal. I also don’t intend to create such a monstrous list that I lose joy all while trying to reach goals. So, the list that follows is simply a guideline…a map…something to help me achieve those things that I’ve deemed important for 2014. Without any further ado…

My 2014 Bucket List:

Spiritual Goals…

  1. Completely read through the Bible this year. In the past, I used to do so every other year and would follow a less-structured reading plan during the “off” years. However, it’s been a few years since I’ve done a complete read-through. It’s time to do that again this year!
  2. Memorize 12 new scripture verses this year.

Marriage Goals...

  1. Have at least two overnight dates away together.
  2. Read Love and Respect together.

Personal Health Goals…

  1. Reach my healthy goal weight! More on this in a future post!

Ministry and writing Goals…

  1. Develop and keep a reasonable blogging schedule.
  2. Explore the possibility of a second blog. (I know…I know…you might be wondering how I could possibly manage to do this when I can hardly keep up with this one. Valid point, but I’ll share more on this in a future post as well.)
  3. Open up my speaking schedule again and try to speak at a minimum of three events.
  4. Finish developing book proposal.

Miscellaneous Goals…

  1. Make curtains for at least three rooms in the house this year.
  2. Get another newspaper for my state capital collection.
  3. Complete at least two crafts per month.
  4. Set aside 2 days per month for scrapbooking and do it!

I also have several goals involving our children/grandchildren, but I simply choose not to share those on this platform.

There you have it! My 2014 bucket (or goal) list! I’ll keep you posted a couple times throughout the year to let you know how I’m doing with these goals. You can all be my accountability partners, so to speak. K?

How about you? What are your 2014 goals? If you started 2014 with strong, lofty plans for accomplishing lots but found you’ve already fallen short of where you expected to be by nearly the end of month one…have no fear! Restart! Yes – you can restart today! There is nothing “magical” about January 1. Don’t throw in the towel. Pray about what God’s plans are for you this year, and make a realistic plan to achieve them. I’d love to hear from you! We can do this…together!

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Resolution Free Zone

goalsI don’t know if it’s the rebel in me or the fact that I’ve tried the resolution thing AND FAILED numerous times before, but regardless of the reason…I don’t make resolutions. I almost cringe to even type the word. My husband even challenged me a bit about my stance on going “resolution-free”. He asked, “Isn’t not making a resolution an actual resolution?” Uh. No sweetheart. It’s a way of life with me. (I love you!)

On-the-other-hand, I LOVE to make lists…especially goal and project lists. Maybe a bit weird, but it’s how I roll. And…I especially love to make those goal lists at the beginning of the year when there’s the “clean slate” of 12 virtually free months right in front of me (well…maybe I’m dreaming a little with the “virtually free” part).

Before I share my 2014 goal list, I thought it would be beneficial (for me, at least) to stay accountable with how I fared with my 2013 list. Drum roll please…

1. Develop and keep a consistent fitness schedule. I’m learning to incorporate exercise back into my life again, but in order for it to become a routine habit…I’ve got to build in consistency.

  • Didn’t happen. Key word = consistent. I exercised here and there, but there was no consistency to it. 

2. Complete our wedding scrapbook. Now that Joel and I have been married nearly 8 months (now over 16 months), it’s time to start tackling our wedding scrapbook.

  • Didn’t happen BUT the pictures were ordered and have arrived! I purchased the paper and embellishments I plan to use, so I now all I need to do is sit down and do it! I actually have blocked out a couple of weeks on my calendar at the end of this month to sit and work on it during the evenings/weekends. This. Will. Get. Finished. This. Year. 

3. Catch up 2013 scrapbook. As a scrapbooking lover, I have endless projects I could be working on, but I’m also trying to keep up with our years – in pictures. I plan on 2013 being the first year that I actually keep up with as time goes on…therefore, I need to get it caught up (and stay there until the 2013 book is done).

  • Didn’t happen. More on this in a future post. 

4. Memorize 9 new scriptures. I used to do scripture memory routinely, especially along with Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team. But, I’ve gotten out of the habit of regular, intentional scripture memorization. So, beginning now, I’m choosing to memorize two scriptures/month. For me, the scriptures I’m selecting are those that I feel will help me in my weight loss journey. Infusing God’s Word into this is vital to ultimate success!

  • Epic fail! No excuses. 

5. Write a book proposal. I’ve had a book (actually a couple) in my head for quite awhile, but I’ve never taken the time to flush it out on paper. I’m going to do that for 2013 – in the form of a formal book proposal. What happens after that is up to the Lord’s leading. 🙂

  • I made progress in this area but didn’t complete by the end of 2013 like planned. 

6. Bike the Virginia Creeper Trail. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time! Along with my husband, I plan to finally do it later this year!

  • I did this in October with my husband and sis-in-law! 

7. Get at least 1 more newspaper for my collection. I have this little habit. Some might call it silly, but it’s quite fun for me. I collect newspapers from all the state capitals. Now, I don’t just call the newspaper office from each state’s capital and ask them to mail one to me. I have to actually go there to get it. That’s the fun part…the travel! I have quite a few already, and I intend to keep pursuing this little passion of mine until I have all 50! So, my goal is to get (at least) one more this year.

  • I went over the top with this goal and actually got 6 more newspapers for my collection! You can read about that adventure HERE and even see a few pics! 

8. Make curtains for all my windows needing curtains. This one is self-explanatory. My windows need treatment…I would love to make them myself!

  • I have the fabric for the windows in the living room. Sewing machine is still sitting there…staring at me. 

9. Have all my Christmas cards ready to mail by Thanksgiving (even if they don’t get mailed for a few weeks). I’m a Christmas card freak! I love to give them AND receive them. But, the joy of exchanging Christmas cards can get snuffed out if I procrastinate and wait until the last minute to send them out. This year, I plan to work ahead and have them ready by Thanksgiving. I can do it. I know I can…I know I can…I know I can.

  • Missed this target by a few days.

10. Reach my goal weight! This is my biggest and loftiest goal/bucket list item for this year. But, it’s not impossible. I’ve already “crunched the numbers” and see how I can do…jut gonna take some hard work and LOTS of prayer!

  • Didn’t happen, but it’s near the top of my list for 2014!

There you have it. A few successes, some near misses, and a lot of not-even-close ones! But, all-in-all, as the saying goes…if you set no goals, you’re sure to achieve them. I have no doubt that some of those things wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t made a purposeful plan to accomplish them (especially the Virginia Creeper bike ride). So, I plan to do it again…make another goal list, that is. I’ll be sure to clue you in during my next post!

Love having you joining me in this life adventure!