Speaking Topics

Yours, Mine, Ours, and Theirs

Leah prayed for years and years that God would allow her to have more children. Following the birth of her daughter in the late nineties, Leah struggled with infertility and never succeeded with another pregnancy. However, she knew God called her to parent more children. Leah shares the amazing, divine story of how she went from a mother of one to a mother/step-mother of nine in just under four years through step-parenting, international adoption, and foster-to-adoption. God answered her prayer but not in the way she envisioned.

He Reaches…He Rescues…He Restores…

Leah’s testimony of her husband’s suicide and the subsequent journey into widowhood that allowed her to see first-hand the restorative power of a very loving and faithful God.

UPDATE: The above message can be offered but will be revised to accommodate Leah’s sudden entry into widowhood once again following her recent husband’s (Joel) unexpected death on 2/12/17.

What is Your Name?

Did you know that God knows the name of each and every star He created? Did you know that He calls them by name and calls us by name as well? Do we go by the name God calls us or are we living by a ‘name’ we’ve given ourselves? Does that name cripple us or allow us to walk in victory? Learn how to know and listen to the names God calls you and walk in the truth of His names for us rather than those we’ve erroneously chosen to define us.

Delivered and Set Free!

Abuse. Broken dreams. Addiction. Divorce. And…Widow of Suicide. Failure to believe God could ever use a woman with such a dark past, Leah hid behind lies the enemy consistently fed her. God’s plans were greater, and the bondages that were broken in Leah now stand as testimony that nothing is impossible with the God of the universe. She delights in sharing with all women that Christ and Christ alone brings lasting deliverance, restoration, and victorious freedom from all chains that bind.

Surrounding Single Parents

There is perhaps no lonelier feeling than having to journey through life as a single parent feeling “stuck” and all alone. If parenting is hard – single parenting is astronomically harder. Everything from loneliness to burnout to financial hardship are realities of the single parent life. With half of today’s marriages ending in divorce, we have churches filled with single parents. Learn how you can come alongside these parents who need to see and feel the body of Christ surrounding them. God calls us to love…not to judge. Having walked this single parent road first-hand, Leah shares proactive and practical ways your women’s group, Sunday School class, and/or church can embrace, surround, and empower single parents with the love and hope of Christ.

I Was Made for More Than This!

How often do we complain, “Is this all there is to life?” Or do you often allow past regrets to dictate your current existence? Having been there, Leah shares truthfully and transparently that Christ created us to be overcomers! Living with the suffocating capability of past hurts is not on God’s agenda for you, and it’s time to stop believing vicious enemy-fed lies and allow the truths of God’s Word to completely transform our minds. Yes – you were made for more than this – much, much more than this! 

Customized Messages

Leah is also willing to customize a message to highlight or capture the theme of your particular event, conference, or retreat.

The messages God has given Leah to share are patterned for use at women’s conferences, retreats, workshops, special events, and customized venues. Leah loves connecting with women of all ages and uniquely relates to ladies at all phases of their spiritual journey – believers-to-be, new believers, and believers deeply embedded in Kingdom work. For more information, or to schedule Leah for your next event, please complete a interest form by clicking here.

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